Employment of highly skilled specialists

Highly skilled specialist is a foreign citizen who has work experience, skills or achievements in specific activities, if conditions of his involvement for labour activities in Russian Federation suggest salary (remuneration) in amount of no less than 167 000 RUB per month (as general rule). Employer and customer of works (services) independently assess the competence and qualification of foreign citizens they would like to employ as high skilled specialists, and bear the corresponding risks.

Foreign citizen has a right to declare himself as s high skilled specialist.

Highly skilled specialists are considered as special subject of labour and civil law relations, therefore they are granted with the special legal status:

  • Quota for issuing invitations for foreign citizens to enter the Russian Federation to carry out labour activities and quota for issuing work  permits to foreign citizens do not apply to the highly skilled specialists;
  • Work permit for the highly skilled specialist is issued for the term of employment agreement signed by him or the services contract for performing of works (rendering of services) with the employer inviting him, or with the customer of works (services), but no longer than for three years. Specified term of validity of the work permit may be repeatedly extended for the term of validity of the employment contract or services contract for performing of works (rendering of services), but no longer than for three years of each such prolongation;
  • For highly skilled specialists and members of their families the simplified procedure of obtaining a residence permit is provided (without preliminary receipt of the temporary residence permit);
  • Highly skilled specialists do not need to prove their knowledge of the Russian language, history of Russia and basics of the Russian Federation legislation for receiving of work permit.
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