Management consulting

Audit and consulting group MauerGroup offers the management consulting based on the development of events to improve the efficiency of production and technological activities, as well as financial and economic activities of the company. Complex of these activities includes the set of works connected with increased business efficiency, professional management of all company resources and fast response to constantly arising changes of external and internal environment.


Management consulting is a complex of consulting services, which is aimed at enhancement of company work efficiency: manageability improvement, increasing of competitive ability, development of labour productivity, cost saving on doing business, etc.

In the course of management consulting the specialists of our company resolve the issues of increasing efficiency of the company: manageability improvement, increasing of competitive ability, development of labour productivity and loading of productive capacities, decreasing of cost price, cost saving on doing business, etc.

Results of works performed by us are as follows:

  • Increasing efficiency of management system and business in general;
  • Elaboration of business strategies of the company in the environment of market uncertainty;
  • Optimization of expenses and business processes of the company;
  • Practical tuning of indicators and systems of performance indicators;
  • Audit and provision of efficiency related to functioning of corporate finance management.

Our long-term practical experience shows that the following types of management consulting services are mostly in demand (but not limited to):

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