System of electronic document workflow

Systems of electronic document workflow are used for solving of applied problems, where the important component is work with the electronic documents:

  • Management of interaction with the clients.
  • Processing of citizens addressing.
  • Automatization of work of the customer support service.
  • Organization of project documents workflow, etc.

Stages of work:

1. Preliminary examination.

  • Formation of basic demands for the system;
  • Detecting of functional, geographic and other limitations for the project;
  • Approval of the Articles of Association of the project and contract conclusion;
  • Preliminary choice of the system of electronic document workflow.

2. System and analytic examination.

  • Examination of structure of business processes of the enterprise;
  • Examination of paper workflow;
  • Examination of IT-infrastructure;
  • Specification of demands to the system of electronic document workflow;
  • Choice of the program platform.

3. Modelling.

  • Description of routes of documents workflow;
  • Defining of the architecture of analytics guide of the system of electronic document workflow (reference data);
  • Approval of the specification.

4. Installation of the system of electronic document workflow.

  • Adjustment, adaptation and (or) update of the system of electronic document workflow;
  • Execution of instructions and regulations;
  • Teaching of users;
  • Experienced use;
  • Transfer to the industrial use.


  • Optimization of work with the documents and information with opportunity of remote access and possibility of working with EDS.
  • Decrease of time spent for search of documents and information, as well as their processing (execution, approval, etc.)
  • Automatization of documents account.
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Optimization of management control.
  • Increase of labour productivity.
  • Decrease of material costs.


Systems of electronic document workflow are becoming the necessary element of IT-infrastructure of the modern company.

Modern systems of electronic document workflow are aimed for work not only with correspondence and organizational-administrative documents, but also with different internal documents (agreements, normative, informational and project documentation, documents for HR management activities, etc.)

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