System of risks management

Work stages in building risk management system:

  • Detection and evaluation of the key risks on the company level.
  • Defining of the risk appetite level in accordance with the activity type of the company. 
  • Execution of the map of risks and elaboration of the risk management strategy.
  • Elaboration of control procedures as to the detected risks.
  • Tracking of the changes in detected risks and control efficiency.
  • Implementation of the risks management system into the key business processes.
  • Organization of the Internal Audit Service, including outsourcing and co-sourcing of the function.
  • Implementation of the IT-solutions for automatization of the risks management system.


  • Decrease of the risks.
  • Increase of efficiency of business processes.
  • Granting of business stability by means of constant changes.


Risks management system is the management tool, granting the achievement of the company goals for detection, control and decrease of the risks.

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